Dan Lavin

So Good They Can't Ignore You


Remember all that fluffy advice about "following your passion?" Well, According to this book that's terrible advice. In fact, it may actually be dangerous! Instead, author Cal Newport argues that you should invest your time and energy developing rare and valuable skills. Said another way, it's an argument for the pursuit of mastery. Think like a craftsman.

While the book did get a little redundant (it probably could have been a multi-part blog post), it does include a lot of interesting and useful stories to back up the authors arguments. From organic farmers to computer programmers, the book is filled with tons of useful stories about how people achieved success while staying happy and satisfied with their work. If you're unhappy at work and looking for some practical, slap you in the face career advice, this is a really great book.



  • Compelling careers often have complex origins that reject the simple idea that all you have to do is follow your passion.
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